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Why do I need to pay for my order in full in advance?

I know. You are a large fortune 500 company with 10 trillion dollars in assets. Or you are an ivy league university that has been around for 200 years. Or you are with a branch of the government....how could we not trust you? It's not that we don't trust you. It's just that we have found that after the project is complete, sometimes the invoice gets "lost in accounting".  And we don't have the time or resources to do the follow up and chase after payments.

How do I start? How do I get a quote?

We try to make it very easy for you. We have been doing this for along time, and have dealt with many people in your shoes - ordering signage for the first time.
  1. Figure out what you need and want. Take some time to browse our site. See our examples. Choose a few options that you like, and let us know.
  2. Fill out the quote form. Typically this is a better way to start than calling. We're happy to talk to you about options as well, but it helps if you first fille out the quote from with as much information as you can. Provide us with your logo file, options you like, a budget if you can, image of your wall, as much as you can. We will then be able to suggest some good options for you
  3. We will get back to you by email or phone to go over options, and help you decide the best materials, finishes, sizes etc. for your project
  4. We will email you some quotes the same day.
  5. You decide that you want to order, and we send you an invoice to get started.
  6. Once you pay the invoice, we will email you a proof of your signage within one day.
  7. You approve the proof online, and we begin production.
  8. We will let you know the lead time, and you wait patiently
  9. We pack / crate your signage and ship it to you. If we are installing for you, we will have that coordinated within a day or two of the signage arriving.

Can I see a proof of what my sign will look like? Why do I have to pay first?

We create proofs / designs of your signage only after you place your order with payment in full or a $250 non-refundable deposit towards your project. Our designers are at the forefront of the industry. In architectural signage, design is everything. And we dont take shortcuts. Look around. Look on our site. We will come up with very sharp ideas for your signage, dimensional lettering, or plaque.  And we will revise the proof until you are happy. But yes, you do have to pay first.

Do you have a printed catalog or brochures?

No. And please do not call us or email us asking us for this 🙂 Our website is probably the most comprehensive resource available anywhere to help select options. You can also see our flickr site for more images.

What size logo sign should I get?

We usually refer to size for a logo as the "overall length". This means you would say you want your logo 4 feet long, 6 feet long, etc. This is best determined by taking a measuring tape and some masking tape into the reception area or wall, and actually putting the masking tape on the wall, and trying to visualize the appropriate size. View from outside the doors and from all angles to see how the sign would be noticed. It is also a matter of personal preference though. There is no hard and fast rule. One rule of thumb is to leave enough space on each side of the logo. For example if your wall is 10 feet wide. A 6 foot logo would give you a nice 2' of space on each side. We do need you to give us the overall length you would like in order to give you a quote.

What size letters do I need? Viewing Distance?

A basic rule is that 2" letters are readable from 10-15 feet away. Then add one inch to the letter height for every 20 feet of distance they need to be read from. Obviously if you can fit a larger letter size, they will be easier to read.

I have found a lower price for the “same” product. Will you match it?

While we do have very competitive pricing, we can not guarantee that you will not find a lower price. We do guarantee that all products we ship will be of the absolute highest quality, finished to the most exacting standards. There are many companies that will take shortcuts on finsihing, use inferior materials, and therefore sell at lower price. Sometimes, we know, it will be hard to differentiate. We have built our reputation on quality, and plan to keep it that way. That being said, if you do have a lower written price, we would be happy to evaluate it for you. We will see if is possible to match while maintaing the highest quality and durability standards, or we will tell you if we feel that something on the quote does not seem likely to live up to your standards.

Do you sell wholesale to other sign companies?

Impact! Architectural Signs sells directly to retail consumers in a wide variety of industries including general contractors, graphic designers, corporate, government, education, and retail clients. We do not provide trade discounts to sign companies for resale. So as a customer of Impact! Signs, you know you are buying direct.

Can I install my architectural signage by myself?

Sure. All Impact! Architectural Signs products ship with a precise installation pattern, making the installation really easy and straightforward. Typically a contractor or handyman, comfortable with a drill, level, anchors etc should be able to do the installation. We can also handle your installation for you in most US cities.

I don’t have a logo yet. Can you help me design it?

We do not do logo design. We recommend you contact a professional graphic designer to help you with that. Alternatively, for basic logos, you could use an online logo design website. One we like best is www.logoyes.com. You can create clean, simple logos which can be easily made into a sign, and get your logo in the right format (.ai or .eps)

Can you match my PMS or Pantone Colors?

Yes we can match your PMS or Pantone colors exactly. We can also match to some major paint manufacturers colors such as Sherwin William and Benjamin Moore. There is a color match fee of $70 per color. We are even able to match Metallic PMS colors.

Do you have any sign letters in stock?

No, everything is made to order. Some font styles / colors can ship within 2 days though (rush charges may apply)

Can I cancel my order in production?

No. Everything is custom made to order, so we can't cancel an order in production. Sometimes we can issue a partial credit if we are not completely done making your signage.

How long will it take to get my order?

Normal lead times are from 2-3 weeks depending on the product. Normally signage is shipped UPS Ground, but expedited and overnight shipping is available. Also, we can and will try our best to accomodate your rush needs, and deadlines. Usually a rush charge would apply.

What is your Return Policy?

All of our dimensional letters, metal plaques, and custom signs are custom made to order. Therefore we do not accept any returns. If anything is defective, we will make it right immediately. Please let us know within 2 days of receipt of any issues.

Where and how do you ship your signage?

We ship all over the USA. We also ship internationally. Normally we ship using UPS or Fedex, and by Freight Carrier when needed for oversized items and crates.