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What size logo sign should I get?

Posted on December 24, 2011

We usually refer to size for a logo as the “overall length”. This means you would say you want your logo 4 feet long, 6 feet long, etc. This is best determined by taking a measuring tape and some masking tape into the reception area or wall, and actually putting the masking tape on the wall, and trying to visualize the appropriate size. View from outside the doors and from all angles to see how the sign would be noticed. It is also a matter of personal preference though. There is no hard and fast rule. One rule of thumb is to leave enough space on each side of the logo. For example if your wall is 10 feet wide. A 6 foot logo would give you a nice 2′ of space on each side. We do need you to give us the overall length you would like in order to give you a quote.

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